Continuing Mother Teresa’s Work


Do you want to change children’s lives the way Mother Teresa did?

We all want to be that positive change in someone’s life. Not all of us are cut out for the kind of work she did. Most people aren’t ready to travel to a foreign land and directly help, no strings attached and for no reason other than helping.

We’d all love to contribute something of ourselves to the effort. That’s where an organisation like the Mother Theresa Children’s Foundation comes in.

The MTCF is one of the many charities that are continuing Mother Teresa’s good work. Their focus is on the children, helping organise outreaches to change lives for the better.

The goal is to provide an active programme to provide children with the opportunity to go to school. At the same time, they also help mothers learn how to care better for their kids. Without their help, many of these children would never have a chance to receive an education.

The foundation has done a lot of work to bring children to better health.

Apart from education, they are also taking it upon themselves to save kids who are dying because they can’t access the right treatment or medication.

Orphans and other children get hot meals and a roof over their heads. They live up to Mother Teresa’s example of providing homes and care for these people when no one else will.

One goal of the foundation is building on Mother Teresa’s work. This objective means they don’t want just to give charity, but to find a sustainable, working solution. The organisation seeks to better the lives of children and their families, not make them dependent on welfare and handouts.

However, like Mother Teresa, they can’t do it alone.

Charities need money to get the job done, and that’ where you come in. Yes, you can’t donate your time and energy – we all have lives, and for most of us, that’s more important. You can probably spare a little now and then, though.

A little, now and then, is all MTCF – or Mother Teresa herself – ask.

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Mother Teresa: Her Life in Pictures

Mother Teresa is a well-known figure worldwide. While many stories of her have been told over and over again, a lot of young ones can’t even recognize here. Here are some pictures of Mother Teresa and her life.


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This weeks fact

Did you know that Although Mother Teresa lived to be 87 years old, she never saw her mother or sister again after the day she left for Ireland to start her mission work.

After her work, She refused the traditional Nobel honor banquet, instead requesting that the $192ooo be given to help the poor of India.

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Stay Tuned

This incredible woman has so many stories to share and so much she can teach us even after death. Stay tuned to hear whats next…….

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Looking after children

Mother Teresa the beautiful saint she was, looked after everyone. No matter their age, their colour, their gender, race, age or political views. She was a loving a caring woman who put herself out there for others.

What was even better was that Mother Teresa was not formally trained. She used all of her own knowledge and life experiences combined with the knowledge and experience of others to care for those she came across. She did not go and complete an aged or child care course. She didn’t study as an intern along side of a doctor, or spend hours reading books. She got in there, did what was needed to be done, and learnt along the way.

Did she make mistakes? Of course she did, but she quickly learnt how to recover from them, and apply her learnings into the next lot of care she took on. It was with her experiences, her dedication and her love for helping others that would be the medicine of magic to heal and help others including children, adults, male and female.



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Mother Teresa the saint she was – more info

Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary who lived the vast majority of her life in India. She was conceived in what is today Macedonia, with her family being of Albanian plunge beginning in Kosovo.

Mother Teresa built up the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic religious assembly. They run hospices and homes for individuals with HIV/AIDS, disease and tuberculosis; soup kitchens; dispensaries and portable facilities; youngsters’ and family guiding projects; shelters; and schools. Individuals must hold fast to the pledges of chastity, destitution and submission and also a fourth promise, to give “wholehearted free support of the poorest of poor people”.

Mother Teresa was the beneficiary of various respects including the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. A disputable figure both amid her life and after her demise, Mother Teresa was appreciated by numerous for her altruistic works, additionally broadly scrutinized.  Following quite a while of disintegrating wellbeing, in which she experienced heart, lung and kidney issues, Mother Teresa kicked the bucket on September 5, 1997, at 87 years old.

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Real Name

To the world she was known as Mother Teresa, but in fact her name was not Mother Teresa. Her real name was ‘Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu’

When she took her vows as a nun in 1931, she chose the name Teresa to honor Saints Therese of Lisieux and Teresa of Avila, and it is from here that ‘Mother Teresa’ was born.

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Achievements & Awards

Mother Teresa’s achievements

– Nobel Piece Prize: 1979
– Bharat Ratna: 1980
– Order of the smile
– Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding: 1969
– Templeton Prize: 1973
– Ramon Magsaysay Award: 1962
– Congressional Gold Medal: 1997
– Grand Order of Queen Jelena: 1995
– Presidential Medal of Freedom: 1985
– Padma Shri Awards: 1962
– Order of Australia: 1982
– Order of Merit: 1983
– Pacem in Terris Award: 1976
– Patronal Medal: 1979
– Balzan Prize for Humanity: 1978
– Albert Schweitzer International Prize: 1975
– Pope John XXIII Peace Prize: 1971
– Golden Honour of the Nation: 1994

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Who did she help?

Mother Teresa helped everyone in need, in all different forms.

Whether it was helping children, helping middle aged people or helping the elderly. Male or Female, those in sickness and in health.

Mother Teresa helped those who had no where to sleep, by providing them with homes for them to stay and live in, so that they had sufficient shelter over their heads.

She helped those that had no food to eat. She would remove those grumbling tummies by providing soup kitchens for everyone to have a feed.

She would look after and care for those with AIDS and HIV, by providing basic treatments and relief methods, and assisting with birthing as well.

For children and groups she provided counselling services for them to have a shoulder to lean on, someone to share with and a support to learn from and be encouraged by.

Mother Teresa didn’t need any certifications to do what she did. She just did it. These days a similar story cannot really be told however, especially in Western Countries. To work with children or to work in aged care you need a ‘Certificate III‘ from an authorized provider (click on the link for an example)

Well Mother Teresa certainly didn’t have one, and this does not go against what these certifications provide, it is simply a means of showing that she just dedicated herself to her practice without any formalities.

People in today’s society will often only enter a practice in something if they have invested into it, or it is what they are qualified in. None the less, She helped lots of people from all walks of life.

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Who Was Mother Teresa?

Commonly known as Mother Teresa, however blessed as Teresa of Calcutta. This beautiful woman was born in 1910 and lived until she was 87, passing away in 1997.

A Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary, she spent most of her days living in India with her family having the background of Albanian.

This incredible woman founded a religious congregation known as the Missionaries of Charity. Growing to such a large size, the missionary consists over 5000 sisters and is active in more than 150 countries.

The Missionary helps to give to those in need, whether it be giving homes, giving food, giving counselling or much more. Those that are a part of the movement dedicate their lives to their work by adhering to a series of vows.

A controversial and figure of impact both in her days of living and now also in her days after death. Mother Teresa was strongly admired by many people because of her charity work.

The controversy came, from issues around contraception and hospice conditions. None the less, a powerful and saint of a woman who did much for this world.

Mother Teresa was the receiver of a number of prestigious honors, which included the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, as well as beatified in 2003. (We will touch more on these).

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